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10 Simple Things You Should Admit And Tell As A Leader To Your Team

As a leader, the path to success requires you to create a great relationship with your team, and giving then inspiration to progress and be better than they are. As you read ahead, you will discover the top 10 things that you should tell your team as their leader to engage and motivate them.

1. Your input is important

When you show your team that their opinion matters and ask them to contribute, you are actually showing them that their expertise is respected. It also helps them to be more committed and involved.

2. This is my fault

Owning up to your mistakes will help you to gain the trust of your team, and will set an example for them to follow. Accountability should begin at the top so that the rest of the team follows suite.

3. Great job- we will make it the next time

Encouraging and appreciating the efforts that your team puts in, even when the result may be unfavorable, is how you can keep them motivated through hard times.

4. Your contribution is important for our work

Everyone wants to feel needed and valued, for it is what boosts confidence and self esteem. This will help them to achieve success in a better manner.

5. Let’s call it a day- we will get on this tomorrow

Work life balance- how many of us actually practice it when it comes to our teams? Let your staff go early when it is not required- they will appreciate it.

6. I informed your boss on the great work that you did

Praising your team’s good work is important, bur sharing it with others- including their boss, will make the praise more genuine and authentic.

7. How can we improve upon this?

The worst thing that a leader can be is arrogant, thinking that he/she knows everything. All you need to do is show your team that you are open to and respect input, and you will be able to get the best results with that.

8. Thank you!

Politeness can do wonders, and on the other hand, not being polite will cause feelings of disrespect and lack of loyalty in the team.

9. How are you?

You need to show that you care so that the team respects and looks up to you as a leader. These 3 simple words can help you achieve that.

10. Good job!

Zero costs, and a lot of positivity, there is nothing that works more efficiently than these 2 words said to your team members.

Leadership is a complex task, but with the use of these 10 phrases, you can make the most of it in keeping your team highly motivated and encouraged.

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