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7 Movies you must watch as a young entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship in itself requires hard work especially when you live in place where your product doesn’t have a market place for it. We will look at some of the films that every young entrepreneur must watch and brings changes in their business.

movie1movie2• The Social Network: This movie is a must watch for young entrepreneurs. It is a movie that portray brilliancy, obsessiveness, productivity, “selfishness”, and passion. As an entrepreneur, ideas have little or no value if they aren’t implemented. Another important less from this movie is that young entrepreneur should always get their writings written down, no matter how little it may be. Especially if it has to do with partnership. Legal documents should be written. Remember in business, change can happen very fast.

• Jobs: the movie “Jobs” depict about how getting your own way is much easier if you have the willingness and drive to push further and not be afraid of losing. As a young entrepreneur. You must be willing to take risk. Risks are part of life. Another important skill portrayed in the movie is the art of how to be a master negotiator. So as a young entrepreneur, you must learn to be a superb genius and implement your ideas. Remember as a young entrepreneur, your product comes first. You must have an obsession with the perfect product.

•Flash of genius: This is a timely movie to watch for young entrepreneurs and it preaches the importance of ethics at work. It also illustrate how real innovation is a

movie3movie5• Guru: As a young entrepreneur, you must be ambitious when it comes to opening your new business or promoting your new products. Another important lesson for entrepreneur is to believe in your dreams. Guru Bhai had a passion and wanted to start his own business but was opposed by his father. Yet despite all the challenges, he achieved his dreams hard work.

• Rocket Singh: This movie illustrates how to dream big but yet be simple. In this movie Harpreet Sigh Bedi is a mediocre student with big dreams of making big bucks. it shows the idea for young entrepreneurs in integrity, honesty and a level fair place

• Band BaajaBarrat: Any serious entrepreneur will be eager to watch this move. From the movie it shows the big journey begins with small steps. So dream and start taking smaller steps forward. ShrutiKakka is ambition, confident and well-balanced while Bittoo is spontaneous. Team work is very important and this can be seen in the movie. These two divided their work, listen to each other’s idea, share their profits and enjoy what they do. It’s a must watch for young entrepreneurs.

• As a young entrepreneur, there are important lessons to be deduce from this inspiring movie. some of them includes:

– Friends don’t always make great business partner.
– Your competitors knowing what you’re doing shouldn’t be of your concert
– When you give people lots of money and responsibility doesn’t go ahead.
– Finally, as a young entrepreneur, focus on the vision.

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