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Don’t Hold Great Idea For Long Time Inside You, Start Solo And Then Build Your Dream Team On The Go.

Many a great ideas do not take wings because of this myth that you need a team to start. While a team is undoubtedly important- that is not what you need to start. In fact, there have been cases where businesses have been setback due to issues amongst co-founders. You can grow your enterprise solo, and form your team as time passes. Read on to know a few tips on how that can be accomplished.


Categorize the tasks that are repetitive, evaluate the hours that are spent in completing them, and then find a freelance worker or an agency to take care of those. One way to go about these tasks is to find the tasks that demoralize you to a greater extent, and then outsourcing them. This will help you to devote more time and focus to the core requirements.


As a solopreneur, you will have to manage a number of other tasks- including administrative works, accounts and so on. This may make focusing on what’s important harder, which is why you need discipline. Use social media marketing tools, time management techniques and software for business development to get more done in less time.


As you sit with your mentor, do not restrict the session to discussing business. It is vital for bouncing ideas off them, and trying to carve a path for the future of your company. There are numerous accelerators and incubators that not only assist in funding, but also help companies with respect to their mentorship requirements. A regular meetup with your peers will help in learning more about the market, and keep a reality check on growth.

Will and Goals

The breakeven time for an average startup may not come as early. If a business has not broken even, there will be a lot of questions and doubts surrounding it until this happens . In that time, the founder has to possess a realistic and clear goal as to where the company will be over the next few years and how will it be achieved.

These 4 things should be enough to help you get started on the journey to building a great startup on your own. The learning curve will be high all along, which is a great thing about being solo. It all depends on how you adapt to the situation for getting the job done, without hampering the core requirements of your startup.

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