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Gujarat: The Future for start-ups in India

There’s good news for all of those eager entrepreneurs in Gujarat India. Soon residents of Gujarat that have dreams to start their own business might become realities. The local economic ecosystem for start-ups is thoroughly growing faster than ever before. Recently, business policies and regulations for emerging firms and start-ups has changed in the state as per the amendments made by the government.

Venture capital farms under this scenario are expecting the State government to come forward with assistance; a funding innovation is the primary goal. This initiative was brought forward by Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) at the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabadand. It was the first entrepreneurship conference and during the conference, it was said that; the start-up policy has increased the confidence in the market and venture capital farms are eager to get on board.

The venue at IIM was chosen to add merit to the presentations and to educate the fresh new minds growing there. Inputs from the Fund managers as well as the local experts had problem-solving sessions with one another about the scenario today, in Gujarat for the start-up business firms, the federal policies, and the future.

Among the conservations at the conference, there were discussions on the national framework for action, the challenges entrepreneurs face, start-up scenarios in Gujarat, funding issues, and tax incentives.

63 Moons Director, Mr. Miten Mehta, divulged his opinion that the next big thing to consider for anyone around the world is to invest in Gujarat India. Mr. Sunil Parekh, who is the founding curator of the reputed firm, Hub of Global Shapers had the same, idea of Mr. Mehta and went on to say that; Encouraging start-up policies can further trigger real action, in Ahmadabad, as per the opinions of the experts.

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