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Vibrant Gujarat Start-Up Summit 2016 – Much needed booster for Gujju Startups

We are well aware of revolutionary Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors Summit, Introduced by Government of Gujarat in 2003, It was Organised during the Navratri Festival. First impact was right on, and as rightly said “THE MOST SUCCESSFUL EVENT IS THE ONE THAT ACHIEVES YOUR GOALS AND EXCEEDS YOUR EXPECTATIONS”. The event brings hope and sigh in the industry and from then onwards Gujarat became the prime state for foreign investors. It was just one seed planted on the soil of Gujarat, it kept growing year by year, soon we shows new branches growing, then it became tree from the plant and now this beautiful tree has produced it’s first fruit that is Vibrant Gujarat Start-Up Summit.

After the grand launch of the ‘Start-Up India’ movement on the 16th of January this year, continuing to celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship, Government of Gujarat is hosting a two-day event full of experiential networking and learning for start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs. The event will include a notable line of expert speakers addressing to a great diversity of attendees on some topics critical to inspiration and innovation – targeted specifically to the interests, challenges and opportunities for entrepreneurs.

The event is designed to act as a venue for successful business leaders and entrepreneurs to come together and benefit from the knowledge gained by connecting with like- minded individuals, in turn creating the most compelling environment for business opportunities. In order to take a step forward in the process of boosting start-ups, a selected few start-ups will get a chance to pitch their business plan to the investors as well. The Hon’ble Chief Minister of Gujarat will be inaugurating the summit in the presence of other dignitaries from Government, Business Leaders, Economists, Academicians, and Policymakers.

The First of it’s kind event truly dedicated to Gujarat based Start-Ups and Entrepreneurs, is going to be held on 21st and 22nd of October 2016, The venue for the event is famous Mahatma Mandir,  Gandhinagar.

The event is expecting participation of more than 3,500 delegates from across India and across various domains such as incubators, entrepreneurs, innovators, venture capitalists, business model creators, consultants, policy makers, mentors, and academicians. Delegates will attend around 20 sessions with more than 50 national and international speakers.

Last year Gujarat Government announced its policy on start-ups. At present there are around 100 active start-ups in the state which are involved in 47 projects. Under the policy Gujarat Government have disbursed a grant of Rs 2.3 crore to 20 incubators which are supporting these ventures. Over it’s gonna be great event for start-up enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and young startups.

Who should Attend this Event? and Why?

* First and most Obvious answer is : Startups, If you are a startup, you should attend, communicate with likeminded, motivated and active people and take your game to another level.

* Are you a Student? Yes? Then grab this opportunity to explore and grow within the untapped field of innovation.

* Are you a Service Provider? Your Service is any how connected with Startup ecosystem? then this is the best place to be with your team, meet likeminded peoples, new age startups and show case your service.

* Young Professional, Who wish to get insights into the startup ecosystem and seek opportunities in the same domain can also attend this, i bet you won’t regret.

* Small investors, who want to involve somehow in this new age Start-Up Ecosystem, Keep your Hands-on insights and stories from pioneers who have successfully explored and developed new areas of technology including Angels, VCs, and Incubators.

* Academic Leaders, Professors and other faculty members from academic institutions, should attend this at the most prior level. As they are the most effective as a motivator for new age students. Understand how this Start-up ecosystem works and then explain this to the students, just like Gujarat Government seeds into this beautiful soil of Gujarat, Academic Leaders can do this in huge quantity, by explaining students how this start-up ecosystem works, and thus you are also planning seed in the mind of young students, who are going to be the brighter future of our state and nation.

Grab this opportunity to discover and connect with people coming to the event, sharing similar interests, industry or organisation and stay connected with them before, during and after the event. Register at “VGStartup” now.

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